In the right side of Gialos, a clock tower, named Roloi, built in 1881, counts for the Symiots the time which runs quietly in Symi.

In front of Roloi, Michalaki the little fisherman (made by Kostas Valsamis) welcomes the ships, yachts and the caiques.

The bell-tower of Evangelistria looks like a true sentinel.

The Police a remainder of the architecture from the years of the Italian Occupation.

In Tzi, there is a copy of the triemolia carved into a rock of Acropolis of Lindus and an inscription written by the Dodecanesian Fotis Varelis for the 8th of May.

The Dove of Freedom by Kostas Valsamis.

The Nautical Museum of Symi with old maps, ship models and other exhibits from the maritime. It is open every daily from 10:00 to 15:00. Telephone number: 2246072363

The Cathedral of Timios Prodromos, which was built in 1830 and refurbished in 1869, with a marvelous pebbled yard.


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